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A Truly Bespoke Experience...

We offer you a tailor made solution providing suspension services at competitive rates our Services include:
  • Suspension set-up, We offer an individual set up service for all road and track bikes which entails setting your bike up to your weight and usage.  Front and rear sag are adjusted accordingly and then the damping adjustments are set.  We can also cater for Off Road applications.
  • Fork and Shock servicing
  • Restoration of suspension from older machines
  • Custom suspension builds for projects
  • Optional springs to cater for your weight and riding requirements, we are able to supply and/or fit optional springs from K-Tech, Ohlins, Racetech and Eibach
  • Re-Valving
  • Specialist coatings
  •  Track day support
  •  Race support

Fork and Shock Servicing

  • The Forks or the Shock are fully disassembled, all parts are inspected for wear/damage (such as shim stacks, seals etc), all parts are then cleaned and reassembled with new oil seals/O-rings.  Pistons are flattened on a surface plate, Fork stanchions and shock shafts are checked for any pitting and are then polished.  Outer forks and stanchions are checked for straightness/ using a special roller jig and DTi gauge, Shocks are finally recharged with Nitrogen.  (Full details are available at the bottom of this page)
  • We use Motul Factory line Fork and Shock Oil in our rebuilds, for some applications we may also use Fuchs/Silkolene Pro RSF or Race 5, or Ohlins 1309.
  • Fork bushes and shock piston rings if worn and require replacing are an additional cost if they require replacement.
  • Any parts which are non serviceable that require replacement will be consulted with the owner first.
  • We can cater for Road/Race/Track and Off Road applications.
  • Prices from £120.00 for Shocks and from £150.00 for forks supplied loosely.
  • Additional Fork springs per pair, or Shock springs from £85.00.
  • Bikes may be dropped off at our premises for service work, a fixed fee will be charged for removal of forks/shock in addition to the suspension work conducted.
Anybody can purchase a basic suspension set-up, from any shop.  Weight scaling a generic shim stack set-up developed from the feedback of multiple riders will give a good starting point, however once rider confidence in the set-up has evolved, so to will your riding skills and pace.  This generic set-up will then need tuning to account for the change in demands on the suspension.

Suspension is not a set once and forget item, you will see this if you follow any high level motorsport racing from BSB to Moto GP, how many times do riders fail to find a set-up or make multiple changes during testing to still be no better off..?  Damping of a stock suspension unit is designed around the weight and spring rate of a phantom stock factory rider, changing the spring rate to get your sag correct requires the damping to be changed to restore the ride, feel, handling and suspension response.

Re-Valving will take these changes into account and restructure the shim stacks accordantly to restore optimal performance.  We are able to offer piston kit re-valves which utilise a pre determined kit, however sometimes these kits still require a change to the shim stacks design.  We can also offer custom re-valving, the initial work in doing this can take a more considerable amount of time but the shim stack is designed exactly around the rider, their weight, the spring fitted and their style of riding.  Price, contact us for a personalised quotation.

Specialist Coatings
  • Ti Nitride/Diamond Like Coating (DLC) coatings are available for stanchions or shock shafts.  This has the effect of reduced stiction/friction which helps to reduce Hysteresis.  It can also be aesthetically pleasing to some people, particularly with custom builds.
  • Powder coating of springs is a low cost option for those springs where the coating has been damaged, these are available in most of the RAL palette range.
  • Anodising of aluminium parts may also be conducted dependant upon the condition of the part.
  • There are limitless aesthetic options available with suspension, your budget is the only constraint.

Track day support
This is available either on a group or one-to-one, where SSR work with riders to optimise their chassis for the topography of the circuit and the other variables such as weather conditions or temperature, that must be accounted for at a track. 
For this service we request group bookings are a minimum of 3 bikes and a maximum of 6 bikes. 
This services starts with a baseline set-up before the first session in the morning and through question and answer feedback with a rider we can fine tune that set-up throughout your day to get the maximum traction and control from your chassis. 
Once a track day rider understands the key principles of suspension function they often show a vast improvement.
Price £50.00 per bike.

'The Works'
This is solely one on one support that is hugely beneficial to the racer, as full race engineer support would be provided. This is particularly effective when utilised with our testing programme where we will systematically work thru you and your bike to ensure the optimum possible setup for the chosen circuit. We will be on hand for you in the Hotpit, from checking carcass (tyre) temperatures, working thru optimising the bikes geometry, spring preloads, damping settings and more. Due to the nature and intensity of this format this would not be beneficial to the average track day rider.

Race Support
Available solely on a one-to-one basis we work with a rider as above to ensure maximum traction and control of the machine and improved lap times.
Whichever service you choose you can be assured that you will receive professional advice and personal attention from start to finish.
Price, contact us for your personalised quotation.

Machine Condition
One of the main areas of concern prior to any track set-up is the condition of the rider’s machine - suspension linkages, wheel and headstock bearing bearings, chain tension and even the age and oil condition in the suspension will have an affect on the chassis.  We take the safety of riders very seriously and will always undertake a safety check of any clients machine before we begin a track set-up.

We expect most riders to be fully up to date with the maintenance of their machine but there have been times when we have stopped a rider from even going out on track due to the condition of their machine and we will never undertake any work on a machine that we consider unsafe.

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